NikeSB x Concepts

Pushing the envelope for a dangerously rare sneaker drop.

After we brought to life category-redefining activations for the NikeSB Red Lobsters, Concepts and Nike approached Pilot again to write the next chapter of the iconic collaboration.


"We did amazing work last time, but this one has to be bigger and better."

Deon Point, Creative Director, Concepts

Building upon the original fishery folklore, we introduced a captivating element of danger to the streets of Boston and beyond. Genetically radical, highly dangerous, and just a little unexpected, our narrative of super-lobsters attacking local communities provided the runway for a suite of activations, merchandise, and environmental violators to stir up buzz.

We pioneered authentic and engaging ways to drive hype for an audience with a well-tuned BS filter. Across various digital channels, short films, scientific blogs, and street art installations, our story of these dangerous crustaceans drove anticipation in the months leading up to the release; building intrigue for NikeSB and Concepts that transcended the hype beast crowd.


"Pilot x Concepts' commitment to storytelling for this particular pair even had Boston locals calling City Hall because they thought there were really hazardous blue lobsters lurking in New England’s waters."


To complete the story for hundreds of fans waiting in line, we recruited a hazmat team to deliver our limited edition vacuum-sealed packaging to Concepts.


More than a decade after the initial launch of the Red Lobsters and the record-shattering Blue Lobsters, a whole family of collectible sneakers have now helped put NikeSB and Concepts in front of new audiences in a new way.

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